Albatross 500PD - Portable Power Station


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  • Compact portable power station with an integrated AC outlet, a DC output, two USB outputs with a Quick Charge USB output. Housing a 140,000mAh lithium battery to power and charge virtually any electronic device, the unit also includes an LCD screen to show output power remaining and percentage of battery power. Featuring an integrated 120 lumen light and a wireless charge pad.

  • • Capacity: 504Wh (29.4V)
    • Built-In Battery: 2500mAh (7 series 8 parallel)
    • Input Recharging: Anderson 12-30V/3.75A Max 96W
    • DC Input: 90W Max
    • USB Output: 1.5V/2.4A QC3.0 Max
    • USB-C Input/Output: 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V 45W PD
    • AC Output: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz 500W
    • AC Waveform: Sine Wave
    • Wireless Output: 5-10W
    • DC Output: 12V/3A
    • Car Socket Output: 12V/10A
    • LED Light: 1W Max
    • Adaptor: 90W Power Adaptor or 45W USB-C Adaptor
    • Size: 220mm x 220mm x 235mm
    • Weight: 7.1kg
  • • With over 500W AC+DC output allowing you to power your 60W Mini Fridge for over 7 hours, charge your Smartphone over 30 times using the 45W USB-C output and your LED light for over 80 hours - what else could you need when camping off-grid.
    • Small but mighty! Measuring only 220mm x 220mm x 235mm and weighing in at 7.1kg with a large handle on top, you’ll be able to move your Albatross 500PD to wherever you see fit.
    • Multi-function ability to be charged wherever you are, whether that’s by a wall adaptor, by car or by the sun.
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