• A pollution filter face mask, the Defender Pro provides protection from pollution such as smog and allergens such as pollen whilst giving you a comfortable fit. The three layer mask is built up from spunbound non-woven polypropylene, nanofiber and non-woven polyester capturing 95% filtration of PM2.5 & PM0.3 particulates as well as having a layer to provide comfort and an extra layer of filtration. The face mask is reusable and washing and has a MERV16 rating as well as having replaceable inner filters to keep your protection high and designed to be comfortable with ease of breathing.

  • • 95% filtration efficieny against 0.3 micron or larger particulates
    • MERV16 Rating
    • Three layer lightweight composite filter: Spunbound non-woven Polypropylene/Nanofiber/Non-woven Polyester
    • Mask dimensions with filter: 8" x 6.3" (20.3cm x 16cm)
    • Replaceable filter: Light design 0.04”/1mm thickness & 2.06-2.36 oz/yd2 (70-80 g/m2) weight
    • Replaceable filter: Air permeability of 28-35 cfm
    • Replaceable filter designed for comfort and breathability: (air flow
    resistance) Pressure Drop <60 Pa
    • Color: Grey
  • • Defender Pro
    • Defender Pro Filter


    • This is NOT a NIOSH N95 respirator
    • Misuse may result in sickness or death
    • Store in temperatures between -4oF(-20oC) and +86oF
    (+30oC) & less than 80% RH
    • For correct use, consult the instruction
    • Time use limitation: Replace the mask when it becomes
    dirty, damaged, or difficult to breathe through
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