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giugno 25, 2020 1 min read

Exe EnduRow is an ocean rowing team attempting to row non-stop, unsupported around the UK. Their aim is to become the youngest team to circumnavigate the UK, starting and finishing from Tower Bridge. They will be raising money for Just One Ocean, a charity working tirelessly to alleviate plastic pollution in our oceans, and the British Red Cross in their COVID-19 Response.

They will be conducting the first microplastics survey around the entire UK coastline. They are a team that shares a passion for the outdoors, fitness, and the gym. Two members of the team enjoy mountaineering in Scotland and the Alps, while the other two are experienced sailors.

The challenge will be a real test of endurance, rowing 2000 miles against some of the strongest tides in the world. They have been preparing for the expedition for the past year alongside their University degrees. They will be living in a very harsh and exposed environment but they are confident they can cope with the equipment and technology they have at their disposal.

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