Dave Cornthwaite

Expedition Norway

aprile 12, 2019 1 min read

On the 24th July 2017, Dave set off on a 1500mile / 2415km journey between Kirkenes in the north and Bergen in the south west, following the 124 year-old ferry and cargo route known as Hurtigruten, or "The Express Route". 

For this, the 14th non-motorised journey over 1000 miles of Expedition1000, his transport will be a new aquatic craze that has taken the shores of California by storm - The Schiller Bike. And just like many of his journeys before, if successful this will be a new world record, this time for the longest journey by bike on water.

As nice as records are, the real aim of this trip is to experience and share the scale and beauty of Norway. Dave will be sharing film, photos and stories on a daily basis via Facebook and Instagram, wild camping all the way along the coast, visiting islands and fishing villages and meeting the locals. Two entire months of a totally immersive journey, every inch of it under his own steam

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