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Wandering La Vignes

long-distance hikers

abril 12, 2019 1 min read

The Wandering La Vignes consists of married couple Patrice and Justin La Vigne, who've been trekking together since 2002 and have more than 12,000 trail miles between them.

As big national park fans, they've already explored more than 40 with a goal to visit all 59.  Their mission to climb the highest peak in all 50 states is around the corner with less than 7 to go.  

Unconstrained by borders, their expeditions have taken them to far-flung sites like New Zealand, where they covered 2,000+ miles on Te Araroa, a trail that spans the length of the country.  On that 4-month trek, Justin carried the Powertraveller Solar Adventurer charger strapped to his backpack every day through a variety of terrain.

Wandering's Timeline

Alaska Summer Tour 2018-05-04
New Mexico - Santa Fe National Forest 2018-03-03
Appalachian Trail 2011-06-01
Te Araroa Thru Hike 2014-11-27


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