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Tarran Kent-Hume

Amazon River Run

abril 12, 2019 2 min read

In October 2015, two adventurers set out on an expedition to kayak the 6,500Km of the longest and largest river in the world - The Amazon.

Tarran Kent-Hume and Olie Hunter Smart kayaked an arduous 10+ hours a day for approximately 4 and a half months, battling with high altitudes, heat, humidity, tropical storms, insects, wild animals and tribes at war to name a few.

Powertraveller supplied the team with several product to keep GoPro's, Phones and cameras charged, enabling them to document their expedition.

Tarran Kent-Hume had this to say:

"In planning for the biggest adventure of my life, kayaking the length of the Amazon River, I knew we'd need some way of charging our cameras and phones for the trip.  Hiking in the Peruvian mountains and kayaking on the water all day every day means we wouldn't have the means to power any of our gear.

Olie Hunter Smart and I used the smaller extremes to charge our phones and GoPro's.  This was essential to prevent us from going completely adventure crazy as it allowed us to listen to podcasts, music and take photos and film during the day and evening.  These little devices were so small we tied them to the outside of our backpacks during the hiking section.

Once we were on the water it became a little more difficult because if we rolled our kayaks we'd potentially lose the use of the gear.  So working with the team at Powertraveller we found a solution that worked.  We placed the solar panels in a sealed clear dry bag and this allowed the UV rays to charge up the battery packs as we went.  We did the same for the larger solargorilla solar charger as well.

I remember our lunchtime routine well.  We'd pull into the sand bank after 5 hours of kayaking and drag our kayaks onto the shore.  I'd reach for the powergorilla and solargorilla and lay then flat out in the cockpit of the kayak.  This was always the first thing I did every lunchtime without fail.  This kept our cameras rolling.

I'm looking forward to using this kick-ass gear on my next adventure!

Cheers - Tarran Kent-Hume."

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